About software solutions and technologies

Our Web Team takes care of approximately 10 applications.

The most important ones are:

Bank system - Solution to handle deposit and loan applications, digital document signing and notification system
Used technologies:.net 4.8 MVC / WebApi, Angular Js, WCF, EntityFramework, SQL Server

Gopay - Payment solution of invoices, where customer can view details and choose the payment type
Used technologies: .net Core WebApi, Angular 6, .net MVC, SQL Server

FLYT - System for invoice purchase based on a signed agreement
Used technologies: .net Framework 4.8, WebApi, Angular 6, SQL Server

Custom built debt collection system.

Debt collection is the process of reclaiming money for unpaid invoices (on goods or services). Svea’s customer are businesses which did not receive payments from their clients. The person which has not yet paid is called the Debtor.

In Norway and Denmark, the debt collection process is highly regulated. There are special rules that must be followed and we must treat the debtors fairly. Most collection cases follow the following cycle if left unpaid.

• Reminder cases

• Collection cases

• Long-term surveillance cases

The system has many different parts, each with their own role.

• Back office - System for the company employees: System settings and configuration, Accounting, Imports, Case handler module

• Customer web - customers logon here to see the progress of their claims

• Debtor web - Debtors logon here to communicate with the back office or to pay their claims

• APIs

• Public APIs - Used for integration with 3rd parties (SAP and others)

• Sidra API - Internal, used in all the Svea applications

• Engine - Nightly process which moves cases forward

• Letter and Print - Process to generate letters and send them on to debtors and customers.

Used technologies: WPF, ASP.NET MVC, .Net Core, ASP.NET Web API, Angular 7, Linq SQL Server, Reporting Services, Entity Framework, Dapper

How we do it

We use Scrum methodology adapted to our clients and our team needs.
In our QA environment we use adapted DevOps methodology.

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